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Out Of Control
Whatcha Gonna Do
The Road
Sail Away
Who's Your Boyfriend? (I Got A Feelin')
Telephone Relation
The Last Time
42nd Street
Can't Live With Ya/Can't Live Without Ya

Can't Wait
Can't Wait
Drop By And Stay
See Me Through
Little Miss Intent
Now Ain't The Time
Bad Boy
Comin' Down Off Your Love
Blues For The Common Man

Tale Of The Tape
The Big Beat
Calley Oh
Rich Kid
Like I'm Lovin' You
Who Knows What A Love Can Do
You Should Be High Love
Who's Your Boyfriend
The Music's All Right
Young Girls

Don't Say No
In The Dark
The Stroke
My Kinda Lover
You Know What I Like
Too Daze Gone
Lonely Is The Night
Whadda You Want From Me
Nobody Knows
I Need You
Don't Say No

Emotions In Motion
Everybody Wants You
Emotions In Motion
Learn How To Live
In Your Eyes
Keep Me Satisfied
It Keeps You Rockin'
One Good Woman
She's A Runner
Catch 22
Listen To The Heartbeat

Signs Of Life
All Night Long
Rock Me Tonite
Eye On You
Take A Look Behind Ya
Reach For The Sky
(Another) 1984
Fall For Love
Can't Get Next To You
Hand Me Downs
Sweet Release

Enough Is Enough
Shot O' Love
Love Is The Hero
Lady With A Tenor Sax
All We Have To Give
Come Home
Break The Silence
Lonely One
Til It's Over
Wink Of An Eye

Hear And Now
Rock Out/Punch Somebody
Don't Say You Love Me
Don't Let Me Go
Tied Up
(I Put A) Spell On You
Mine Tonite
The Work Song
Your Love Is My Life

Creatures Of Habit
Young At Heart
She Goes Down
Conscience Point
Nerves On Ice
Hands Of Seduction
Facts Of Life
(L.O.V.E.) Four Letter Word
Strange Fire
Alone In Your Dreams (Don't Say Goodbye)

Tell The Truth
Tryin' To Walk A Straight Line
Rhythm (A Bridge So Far)
Lovin' You Ain't So Hard
Stranger To Myself
The Girl's All Right
Break Down
Not A Color
Shocked Straight

Happy Blue
Happy Blues
The Pursuit of Happiness
She Will
Grasping For Oblivion
If You Would Hate Me Less I'd Love You More
Stroke Me Blues
More Than Words Can Say
Inferno (Everybody Cries Sometimes)
Long Way To Fall

When She Comes To Me
Somebody Loves You
What If I Told You

Christmas Is The Time To Say "I Love You"
On Your Own
Don't Talk Like That
I Have Watched You Fly