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Billy sat in with VH1 Classic Rock Nights recently to talk once again about the 30th Anniversary of Don't Say No and life in general.

DSN 30th Anniversary Cover
Billy chats with VH1's Eddie Webb.


Fans have been clamboring for more of the Eddie Trunk interviews ever since we debuted part 3 with the DSN highlight.
Here are parts 1—4, with more to come!

Part 1 of the Eddie Trunk interviews deals with Billy's history and introduction into the biz up to the Piper Days.
With Part 2, Billy and Eddie delve into what led Billy into starting his solo career and the making of Tale of the Tape.

In part 3, Billy and Eddie cover the the history and making of Don't Say No.
In Part 4, Billy and Eddie talk mostly about events and times surrounding Don't Say No.

In part 5, Billy and Eddie cover Emotions In Motion.
In Part 6, the guys discuss Signs of Life…and yes, the video.

In part 7, We learn how Enough Is Enough became an appropriate title, and the mystery of the Coke can.
In Part 8, Hear & Now is highlighted.

Part 9 covers Creatures of Habit.
Rounding out this series of interviews, the guys go over Tell The Truth.


Dedicated to a speical lady, Billy's live performance of …
The Girl's All Right Video:

(Stop music in the top banner before viewing.)

"The Girl's All Right": first and only live performance to date of this misplaced arena rocker, from the  Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame in May 2007.  Gotta do this one more often! -B