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Emotions In Motion © 1982 Capitol Records, Inc.
Produced by Mack & Billy

Billy Squier: vocals, guitars & sundries
Alan St. Jon: 
keyboards & synthesizers, backing vocals
Jeff Golub: 
Doug Lubahn: 
“occasional” bass & backing vocals
Bobby Chouinard: 
…what else?

Recorded by Mack at the Power Station, N.Y.C., assisted by Gary Rindfuss
Additional recording: Musicland Studios, Munich, Germany
Thanks here to Stephan Wissnet & Dino Solera
Mixed at the Record Plant, N.Y.C., by Dave Thoener and BillyJim Ball, assistant
Mastered at Sterling Sound by George Marino

Production supervision: Roger R. Vitale
“Gear”: Charlie Hernandez, Jr.

Cover art by Andy Warhol ©1982
Art direction and design by Richard Evans

Thanks to Freddie & Roger for “emotional support”
… also Jimmy & Shelly for being there

All songs written by Billy Squier

Emotions 1982
With the Emotions painting, 1982

When conceiving the songs—which I likewise managed in a few short but arduous weeks—I tried to construct a package that included the various elements of DSN in an approximate fashion. This is not overtly apparent when listening through, but the intent was there nonetheless. Think about a parallel between “In Your Eyes” and “Nobody Knows” for example…or “It Keeps You Rockin'” and “Lonely Is The Night”…”Keep Me Satisfied” and “Too Daze Gone” come to mind, or “Learn How To Live” and “My Kinda Lover”…make any sense? 

It may be interesting for you musical historians to review these two releases in this context, I don’t know. One dramatic shift occurred in the guitar department: on DSN, the Telecaster Custom that appears on the front cover was my primary “weapon.” On “Emotions,” it gave way to my newly acquired ’58 Burst, which was a totally different animal. That’s the only guitar you hear on “Everybody Wants You,” as I decided in Munich that the original band tracks weren’t quite what I was looking for…so I scrapped them and recorded all new parts. 

The Gibson Les Paul “Sunburst” is considered the Stradivarius of electric guitars, and this particular one was ranked among the best. It was subsequently stolen during the sessions for “Enough is Enough,” as has been previously noted. It was during the mixing sessions in Munich that I wrote and recorded my track for “Fast Times At Ridgemont High,” playing all the instruments other than bass and saxophone. 

Where Freddie Mercury had done his vocals at an impromptu session in New York, Roger Taylor came to Musicland to do his bits…always a good time with these two! And the rest, as they say…is history. One nonmusical footnote: while in Munich, I took delivery of my new Porsche 911SC, which I’d ordered from The States a few months prior. As luck would have it, I was summoned to the Porsche factory on my birthday to pick it up…I still have it to this day.



Everybody Wants You
Billy Squier, © 1982 by Songs Of The Knight

You see ’em comin’ at you every night
Strung on pretension, they fall for you at first sight
You know their business, you think it’s a bore
They make you restless, it’s nothin’ you ain’t seen before
Get around town, spend your time on the run
You never let down, say you do it for fun
Never miss a play, though you make quite a few
You give it all away – everybody wants you

You crave attention, you can never say “no”
Throw your affections any way the wind blows
You always make it, you’re on top of the scene
You sell the copy like the cover of a magazine
Puttin’ on the eyes ’til there’s nobody else
You never realize what you do to yourself
The things that they see make the daily reviews
You never get free – everybody wants you

Everybody knows you
Everybody snows you
Everybody needs you, leads you, bleeds you

Nights of confusion and impossible dreams
Days at the mirror, patchin’ up around the seams
You got your glory, you paid for it all
You take your pension in loneliness and alcohol
Say goodbye to conventional ways
You can’t escape the hours, you lose track of the days
The more you understand, seems the more like you do
You never get away – everybody wants you

Emotions In Motion
Billy Squier, © 1982 by Songs Of The Knight

Bend your back by the light o’ the sun
You come to the business – you’re the number one
When twilight comes you’re a runner in the night
It turns you on like a hot tail-light
Get down – you really get down – you never let down
Come down – you never come down – you never come down
Emotions in motion

Back street boy gonna sell you some sin
He’ll wind you up – he gonna suck you in
The blood say yes – the mind say no
The voice in your ear say you go – go – go
Run down – you really run down – you really run down
Cool down – you never cool down – you better cool down
Emotions in motion

Give yourself to a life of extremes
You’re into the action – it’s a part of your dream
Now there’re some things you never can tell
But when the door lies open throw your coins in the well
Get down – you really get down – you really get down
Right now – you want it right now – hold tight now
Emotions in motion

Learn How To Live
Billy Squier, © 1982 by Songs Of The Knight

You got a lot to learn
You play in the fires… you might get burned
You gotta sacrifice
You’re playin’ the victim of your own device
You try to understand
The comb-in-the-ashes isn’t what you planned
You… it gets you every time
You’re chasin’ the visions – they’re nowhere to find

Learn how to give… learn how to take
Learn how to live before it’s too late

You got the restless eyes
They turn to distraction – there’s no compromise
You gotta take some time
And fight for the answers – they’re hard to find
Don’t let it get you down
The best of intentions can turn around
You… now don’tcha fantasize
Start makin’ your chances materialize

Learn how to bend… learn how to break
Learn how to mend broken heartaches
Learn to forgive… learn how to wait
Learn how to live before it’s too late

Run from the light, and you lock all your doors
It’s harder to fight when you’ve gone down before
The scenes are so right – but they play out so wrong
So into the night it goes on and on and on and on…

In Your Eyes
Billy Squier, © 1982 by Songs Of The Knight

Never was a man to make a name on promises
Never felt the urge to stake a claim
‘Til I looked in your eyes… I’ve never really known
(In your eyes) the meanin’ of it all
In your eyes I answer to the call
I’ve been taken by the magic after all

Walkin’ in the shadow of the names… relationships gone by
Thinkin’ ’bout the plot that never changed
‘Til I looked in your eyes… I’ve never really known
In your eyes, your thought I call my own
See your eyes shine on me as we go
So they lead me as we’re windin’ down the road

We can make it so fine
Take it time after time
Make it open wide
We go side by side

Always felt the loser, outa place… good luck would pass me by
Never knew the meanin’ to the chase
‘Til I looked in your eyes… I’ve lost but now I know
In your eyes I’ve found my chaperone
Special eyes – they touch the afterglow
They can make me see the logic of it all

We can make it so fine…

Keep Me Satisfied
Billy Squier, © 1982 by Songs Of The Knight

Early in the mornin’ I’m layin’ on my bed
Stickin’ to the rhythm of the music in my head
Rockin’ in the mirror… rollin’ out the door
Hop into the car and put the pedal to the floor
Callin’ out your number – I’ll take you for a ride
Find something to keep me satisfied

Runnin’ for the money… layin’ out the green
It’s a tax accountant’s nightmare – it’s a rock ‘n roll dream
The income may be different but the outcome’s still the same
You’ll never be a winner, boy, until you play the game
Hounded to distraction… racin’ to and fro
Losin’ my direction keepin’ up my status quo
Now I tried – tried – tried – tried
It just don’t seem to keep me satisfied

A hundred thousand miles in a 747
Take it all in style if you wanna get to heaven
Chasin’ all the action every single night
Never understand it but you try to do it right
Ragged ’round the edges… none the worse for wear
Cuttin’ all the corners but they never get me there
Now I try – try – try – try
It just don’t seem to keep me satisfied

It Keeps You Rockin’
Billy Squier, © 1982 by Songs Of The Knight

When the lights blow and anything goes and nobody knows
When the sparks fly from in your eye and you don’t know why
In a tight squeeze, you’re on your knees – you’re into the freeze
Then the right sound can bring you ’round – put your right side down

It keeps you rockin…

On a hot night you feel all right – you’re wound up tight
On the next day you over-play – wanna fade away
In a cold rain, your love in vain – make you go insane
Bring you right down and turn you ’round – gotta hear that sound

It keeps you rockin’

Take this flight, wherever it takes you
Wrong or right, don’t let it shake you
Fight the fight, whatever it makes you
That’s all right – I know you can break through

In the right crowd you act so loud – got your head in the clouds
It’s a far cry from the days gone by… it ain’t no lie
Out the back door… you make the score… you come back for more
Find the right song – it won’t be wrong – you can sing along

It keeps you rockin’

One Good Woman
Billy Squier, © 1982 by Songs Of The Knight

I been a traveller for more than too few years
I learned my lessons… I stilled my fears
My sole possessions – they steer me through it all
Sweet dreams and innocence… they cushion my falls
Feel the passion run you blind
See the vision dancin’ in my mind

One good woman, who’s all of what she seems
One good woman, to share my dreams
One good woman – put all the games aside
One good woman – make the most of our lives

We live a life of fact and fantasy
We alter circumstance to fit our needs
We gain in fortune, but we lose in time
One door will open, one will close behind
Find the loner from the pack
Storm the mansions – I ain’t never turnin’ back

One good woman… she’s all I hope to find
One good woman – think of me in kind
One good woman… she won’t get me down
One good woman – turn my head around

Keepin’ her distance… but oh she don’t let go
One good woman… she makes it so
Over the airwaves, or across the sea
One good woman… she’s more than enough for me

She’s A Runner
Billy Squier, © 1982 by Songs Of The Knight

Take my soul to the lost-and-found
Girl she made me a hand-me-down
Never know when she’ll come around or what I’ll see
No resistance – it’s hardly fair
Call my name, honey – I’ll be there
I’ll give in to you anywhere – so foolishly
I could never ever lie to you
I could never even try
I just wanna be beside you

Sweet emotion’ll pass you by
Girl she left me alone to cry
I still remember how she could make love to me
You see the traces – they always show
Some may come and some may go
But one of us will never know what you see
Never wanted to rely on you
Never wanted you to try
I just wanna be beside you

She’s a runner… anyone can see
She’s a runner… she run all over me
She’s a runner… you can’t walk away
She’s a runner… she can make you stay

I need to listen to my advice
The aggravation ain’t worth the price
I can tell ya she won’t think twice
She gonna knock down, put ya down… ooh yeah

She’s a runner… anyone can see
She’s a runner… she tore it outa me
She’s a runner… watch her walk away
She’s a runner… you can’t make her stay

Catch 22
Billy Squier, © 1982 by Songs Of The Knight

I read you like an autograph… you love the spotlight
You shoot me like a photograph… you get me uptight
You’re gunnin’ for me every day… go straight for the heart
Say you want me – you push me away… say it tears you apart
You’re on the inside… I’m on the outside
Don’t matter whose side… you take the other side

I can see you walkin’ down the aisle… you’re thinkin’ long-range
I’ve seen you work the miracle mile for loose change
You can have it any way you want… your fancy dinners in the restaurants
Even though they leave you hungry inside, it’s a free ride

You show your bad side… it’s so undignified
Get off your back-side… you’re talkin’ suicide

Go and be what you’re gonna be
Sink your time and your hooks in me
You can hold me down – take me ’round and ’round and ’round

You catch me when I’m ’bout to fall… but you leave me there
What really matters doesn’t matter at all… you don’t care
It’s hard to figure in your life… It’s a roundabout
You’re makin’ it so hard to give in… but you won’t let me out

You take the right side… I’m on the wrong side
No matter whose side… we’re talkin’ suicide

Listen To The Heartbeat
Billy Squier, © 1982 by Songs Of The Knight

Sometimes I wonder… think I just can’t stand no more
Can’t seem to find myself, or what it is I’m lookin’ for
People call out my name
Lately things they don’t seem the same
That’s when I know… I gotta make the rounds again
Find yourself in the danger zone
Reachin’ out through the under-tones
Chase the spirit you can’t control
The inner notions’re takin’ hold

Listen to the heartbeat…

I remember those cold cold nights – we’d stay up all night long
I can remember you holdin’ out… and I’d be holdin’ on
You can put out my fire
You can stir up my one desire
You can make me wonder how we could ever shy away
You bet your life on that rendezvous
Close your eyes and it all comes true
Cast your fortune into the wind
Those inner notions’ll pull you in

Listen to the heartbeat…