August 1997 NEWSLETTER

Current Events – Junior

With an eye to a whole new generation of Squier fans, Billy has become involved in two children’s projects. For the first, he’s working with The Who’s John Entwhistle on a song for an upcoming animated TV series called “Vampires” which debuts this fall. In addition, he’s written a song for a children’s alphabet book. More details to follow closer to release.

Current Events – Senior

The best way to see what Billy is currently up to is to watch VH1’s 80’s “Storytellers” and “Then & Now” (both to air starting 8/17 and frequently repeated during what’s being dubbed “The Eight Days Of The Eighties”). The first features a new version of a Squier classic (guess which one?), while the second features the premiere of a new Billy tune, “Inferno (Everybody Cries Sometimes).” If you like what you see and hear, and want to see more, call VH1… then call again! (212) 258-7800. They have air-ready full length versions of both songs. Fans who send us a SASE and a Xerox of their phone bill showing the call to VH1 (P.O. Box 231251 NY NY 10023) will receive a copy of the lyrics to “Inferno.”

In response to the last newsletter, many of you asked, “Why acoustic?” Billy explains, “I don’t want to be locked to my past. When I fell back into writing (ouch! – JM), I was looking for a new means of expression. I didn’t want to tread on grounds I’d walked before. I’m very proud of my past work, but I’m not interested in trying to replicate my past successes. The solo/acoustic approach seemed about as far as I could get from what I used to do. It also focuses attention directly on the songs, which is important to me from a writer’s standpoint.”

Don’t forget, compilations of his past work are currently in stores: Reach For the Sky – The Anthology and the live release on King Biscuit Flower Hour Records.

Jeff Golub’s latest Avenue Blue release Nightlife came out 7/29 on the Mesa Blue Moon label. Available in stores, it was the #1 most added track at jazz radio upon its release, and looks to be Jeff’s most successful jazz outing yet.

Alan St. Jon’s CD Skydaddy will be released mid-September on JayBird Records. It will be available both in record stores and via the Internet. Alan expects to play several NYC dates to support the release.

With the Freddie Mercury book “The Real Life” to be reprinted with additions, we hope to be able to make it available to you as mentioned earlier.

Everyone’s kind thoughts regarding the deaths of Bobby Chouinard and Billy’s dad were appreciated. Keep in touch and let us know what you think of the “new” stuff.

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