Dear fans,

It’s come to our attention that a few of you have received spam emails with a return address of “”. If you get one of these, don’t open it, and you may want to report it to your email provider. You will NEVER receive any unsolicited email from an “admin” at as we do not even have an “admin” email address in use. We use a different email name for our administrative uses purposefully to avoid spam coming to us.

What has happened is some spam company has grabbed the “” to use as an alias. They’ll grab a site name and use “admin” or “info” as they are common administrative emails and send out their junk.

Please know that any email you receive from us would only ever be from Judy, Mike, “Billy Squier” (if an inquiry is sent to our ‘songs’ email, or ‘store’ (to confirm catalog orders). Unless an email is stated as a newsletter, we will never send out unsolicited email that isn’t a direct reply or automated from an order. Again, we will NEVER send out an email from “admin” to any of the fans. So if you get one from “admin” please don’t open…report it to your provider…and trash it.


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