Bill Aucoin died today after a year-long fight against prostate cancer. It was Bill who approached me in 1976 with the idea of forming a band around me and my songs…that band was Piper, and Bill was our manager. “Gui,” as he was affectionately known at the time, supported the band through its infancy and secured our record deal with A&M. It would not be unfair to say that I would not be where I am today if not in part for his efforts.

I hadn’t seen Bill in over a year, when he visited me in New York to listen to some new songs I’d recently recorded. I only learned of his illness this morning, and by then it was too late for even a few parting words. But if we had spoken, I would have said to him, “Thank you friend, for the years of unwavering support…and for never letting me forget what it is that I do best.”

Your friend,


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