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Billy’s been generating GREAT buzz for his shows at the Iridium. With praises coming from a few Les Paul forums, click here and here to read the threads. Also, even though we were told ‘no video’, it’s a good thing some didn’t listen. There’s some really cool clips on YouTube, including this one:

Photos from the evening are posted in the bio/pics section.

Billy fan, Chris Sasser wrote this review:


As a long time Squier enthusiast, there was no reason for me to expect nothing short of a great evening at NYC’s Iridium club as Billy presented what he termed “a glorified jam-session” under the banner of Blues Deluxe. But once again, Squier managed to blow away even my expectations with a show that captivated everyone at the filled to capacity club.

The first treat of the evening came in the form of the Les Paul trio taking the stage. This is a group that is not to missed. Especially memorable was their rendition of the classic “Brazil”

Next up was our old friend Mr. Jeff Golub. He performed with an affection and ferocity that left me more than a little impressed. He was backed up by the LP Trio and really scored with “Shuffleboard” from his latest release.

Jeff spoke briefly about how it was Billy who gave him his start in the music industry and recalled those daze gone past with genuine fondness. As he introduced Billy to the stage, it was terrific to see them together again.

Billy focused on songs and artists who had inspired him (Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton) and delivered them in his own one of a kind style. His voice was as strong as ever and his guitar playing was blistering. Squier’s take on the classic “Crossroads” easily rivals Clapton’s in my book and NEEDS to be recorded. Stat.

Billy had the Uptown Horns on hand, lending an even richer sound to the proceedings. “The Work Song” was a wonder to hear live complete with the horns and the backing vocal stylings of Nicki Parrott and one Mrs. Squier! And for the Squier fan who didn’t have the opportunity to catch this show, allow me to tell you one thing: You haven’t lived until you’ve heard “Everybody Wants You” performed with a horn section.

All in all, the evening left me elated. I’m glad to have Billy back on the scene performing. Even if I still secretly hope he’ll eventually sneak into the studio and cut another record…complete with horns…

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