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  1. Billy’s voice sounds as if no time has passed. I have been hoping for his return for many years to show the industry that cheated him and his fans that his music can thrive without them.

  2. Saw Billy at the Fox Theater in Atlanta Dec ’89. Again at Cadillacs in Hickory NC August ’91. Been waiting a while for this

  3. I’m 76 years old and would really like to see you live in Texas! I have always loved your hard driving music…..

  4. The sound of youth. I felt like I’m back in the 80s. Thank you Billy. Hope to see you on tour because I never have. Again, thank you Billy

  5. Been far too long since I last saw Billy on stage. Chicago please. Save the V-V-V-V-I-P seats for your lifelong fans!

  6. I can’t wait! I’m so freaking excited! Please say a tour is also in the works! I SO miss seeing and hearing ya, Billy!

  7. if these are clips from an entire new album i think my head just might explode lol a new album and a tour by billy squier in 2023 is exactly what we need

  8. Hey Billy its’s Greggo here I’ve seen you numerous times an met you twice after shows. Please come to the Hampton Casino or the Paramount in Vermont which was a great venue.

  9. I need new t-shirts to advertise the new music! Where are they? Please, please, please make sure the new music is available on CDs not just streaming platforms for those of us who are old school!

    As the music says, “Can’t Wait!”
    Denise Mendenhall

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