January 1999 NEWSLETTER


Billy’s previously out-of-print cds (Tale of the Tape, Signs of Life, Enough is Enough, Hear & Now, Creatures of Habit and Tell the Truth) will be reissued on the J-Bird label. The first half will be released in May of 99, with the second group coming Sept. 99.

More promotional dates added! (As always, we strongly advise you to check with the store to confirm details)

Recently released: “Who Can It Be Now?” a Simon & Schuster 80’s trivia book containing a Billy question (or two).

“I Have Watched You Fly” joined the alternate version of “Lovin’ You Ain’t So Hard” as selections available at http://www.a2bmusic.com. This is the first time Billy’s song inspired by Freddie Mercury has been available in any form to the public.


The folks at Champions for Children expect Billy’s doodle to be auctioned off early 99.

The autographed package winner was David Bonaskiewich of PA. A special mention goes to Beth Marosy for most romantic explanation of her favorite song. All entrants received an autographed photo. The songs in order of preference were:

  1. Grasping for Oblivion
  2. Stroke Me Blues
  3. The Pursuit of Happiness
  4. Inferno (Everybody Cries Sometimes)
  5. a 3-way tie between More Than Words Can Say, Long Way To Fall, and If You Would Hate Me Less, I’d Love You More
  6. She Will

VH1’s “Where Are They Now? — The 80’s” featuring shots of Billy mountain climbing premiered in late December and continues to air on the network.

Many of you are confused as to the identity of HARRISON, the “kite kid” on the cover of “Happy Blue”, alluded to in Billy’s poem to his father as well as the inspiration for “Two” and “More Than Words Can Say” on “Happy Blue”. He is the son of Billy’s ex-girlfriend.


We feed late-breaking news as well as updates between newsletters to Mike Marosy’s unofficial site http://www.billysquier.com so we suggest you frequently check in for updates. The site contains Billy’s current bio and publicity photo and the transcript from the AOL chat Billy did last fall. [Thanks for the plug Judy. — Mike]

All mail to Billy must go to (NOTE: Old addresses. Please use site’s CONTACT page.). Sorry, but we cannot accept unsolicited tapes. Any questions can be sent to my attention at the PO Box address or for a faster response, email me.

Both Billy and I appreciate the holiday wishes, cards and gifts.

Snippets from an industry publication questionnaire Billy answered —

Hometown & Birthday: Boston, 12 May 50
Major Musical Influences: Clapton, Stones, Dick Clark
Things That Make You Happy: children, animals, nature
Things That Make You Sad: adults
Best Personality Trait: determination to get it right
Worst Personality Trait: same as my best
You wanted to be when you grew up… me
Future Ambition: to complete myself

Quote About Your Music: Music is my voice, my best means of expression… it empowers; it heals… it’s magic.


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