For the first time in TEN YEARS, Billy is hitting the road. He joins Styx, Bad Company and Joe Stark for two months of dates this spring and summer. It’s been TWENTY YEARS since the release of the landmark “Don’t Say No” album, and rumor has it that Billy will perform the record in its entirety. We’ve included a list of dates as they stood at press time [please check the events section – Mike.], but please note that they are SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Billy’s band is a mix of old and new: Alan St. Jon on keys, Mark Clark on bass and new additions Steve Conte on guitar and Nir Z on drums.


You will be able to purchase the newly re-released “Live in the Dark”, Billy’s 1981 Santa Monica concert, at the shows. The copies (both VHS and DVD) will have been AUTOGRAPHED BY THE MAN HIMSELF! The concert has been remastered digitally by none other than Mack.


Billy has severed his relationship with JBird and is not re-releasing the out of print cds (Tale of the Tape, Emotions in Motion, Signs of Life, Enough is Enough, Hear & Now, Creatures of Habit and Tell the Truth) at this time. “Don’t Say No” is the only of Billy’s 8 albums with Capitol still in release. Although there are 3 live and 3 greatest hits collections out, Billy was only involved in PolyGram’s “Reach for the Sky” anthology and the “King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents” cds.

The 3 soundtracks Billy wrote original songs for (Fast Times at Ridgemont, Metropolis and St. Elmo’s Fire) are all still available, both in stores and on the net. The Small Soldiers soundtrack has a remixed version of “The Stroke” courtesy of Dallas Austin.

A single cd containing both Piper albums in on order. If you are interested in purchasing one (the cost is $30), email Judy.


As always, all mail for Billy MUST go to (NOTE: Old addresses. Please use site’s CONTACT page.). Any questions should be emailed to me [Judy – Mike.]. We cannot accept unsolicited tapes on advice of counsel. As Billy gets too many requests for backstage passes and invitations to accommodate all, policy is to not grant any. The website (www.billysquier.com) is run by Mike Marosy. Please send any questions or comments about the site to him directly.

(NOTE: Section info refers to past versions of the site.)

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